ZET Talk #3 | Perspectives beyond Collective Action: The Emancipatory Potential of Technology in Cities.

Header Challenging Tech Event Number 3

Big Tech is challenged not only by its workers, but also by the emergence of alternatives. Platform cooperatives, non-profit platforms and by progressive governments around the world aim to concretely offer and support other forms of work and consumption. Especially cities push for alternatives, in light of the massive impact of big tech on the organization of work and life in urban settings.

Together with a local politician, a coop developer and a coop member, we look into the political room for maneuver in the platform economy. This will include the potential and problems of alternative organizational forms, which have to keep up with the monopolistic, venture-capital fueled platforms. We further discuss how governments and alternative organizations can work together towards an emancipatory application of new technologies.

Our discussion partners for this event:

  • Markus Anderson Michaelis is part of Khora, a platform cooperative providing a food deliveries in Berlin.
  • Jonas Pentzien is a researcher at Institute for Ecological Economic Research (IÖW) in Berlin and investigates platform cooperatives and their potential for a sustainable digital society.
  • Katalin Gennburg is member of the Berlin House of Representatives for the party „Die Linke“ (The Left) and promotes a (smart) city for all.

No registration is required. Simply join the video conference here (Zoom).

This event is part of the joint discussion series „Challenging Tech: Organizing, Resistance & Alternatives“ of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Center for Emancipatory Technology Studies (ZET). 

Update (May 28, 2021): An earlier version of the invent included Vincent Bachelet of Coop Cycle, who can unfortunately not take place in the event.