ZET Talk #2 | Antagonists, Accomplices, Comrades? Coalitions between Tech & Gig Workers.

A decade after the dispersion of ‹gig work› companies around the world, many of their workers have organized protests, strikes and legal action. More recently, employed tech workers have also organized together. This development raises questions about possible coalitions between both groups, who are often working for the same company under very different conditions.

However, several issues might complicate a common struggle. The dissolution of a common workplace, but also class positions, race or gender might present hurdles. Are coalitions between both groups possible, and under what conditions can they succeed? We will discuss these issues in gig and tech work in the field of urban mobility.

Our discussion partners for this event:

  • Abdurzak Hadi is a driver for Uber and representative of the ADCU in London, a union of ride-hailing and delivery drivers.
  • Yonatan Miller is a software engineer in Berlin and an organizer with the Tech Workers Coalition Berlin.

No registration is required. Simply join the video call here (Zoom).

This event is part of the joint discussion series „Challenging Tech: Organizing, Resistance & Alternatives“ of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Center for Emancipatory Technology Studies (ZET).