ZET Talk #1 | Challenging Tech: International Perspectives on Organizing.

In recent years, tech worker organizing has become prominent, most recently through the foundation of the Alphabet Workers Union (AWU) at Google. This new kind of labor movement has led to new types of activism and political demands in the tech sector, which for decades has remained largely unorganized. What can workers, movements and unions learn from these developments on a transnational level? Together with a representative of the AWU and an organizer for the German union IG Metall, the event aims to bring the recent developments at Google in the United States in discussion with recent organizing efforts of tech workers in Germany. The event will also look at the legacy of white collar organizing in both countries and more broadly.

No registration is required. Simply join the video conference here (Zoom).

This event is part of the joint discussion series „Challenging Tech: Organizing, Resistance & Alternatives“ of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Center for Emancipatory Technology Studies (ZET).