Azadeh Akbari: Data Contestations from the Global South

ZET-Mitglied Azadeh Akbari diskutiert in ihrem neu erschienen Paper, wie unveröffentlichte Daten, die während des Aufstands im Iran 2009 entstanden sind, neue Perspektiven auf das gegenwärtige Verständnis von Daten und ihrer politischen Ökonomie eröffnen: By following data outside the common trajectories of data circulation in the global North, this paper offers new geographical and data imaginations neglected by the universalised understandings of data and its political economy. Consequently, data ’s behaviour as a thing is thoroughly investigated in the “follow the thing tradition” by scrutinising data as a commodity, its meanings and its associations. Using actor-network-theory, the paper highlights data’s open and contested character as well as the breakdowns throughout its journey. This research reflects on the epistemological importance of not treating the Southern data as exceptional and calls for a theoretical landscape that does not leave many realities of data out in its homogenised universal narrative.

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